How to Quickly Solve VoIP Voice Quality Issues

World Business Network Background

Voice over Internet Protocol, has revolutionized the way we communicate both socially and professionally.

Users across the world have signed up to free services offered by companies such as Skype and Vonage, presenting low cost solutions to long distance communication, loved ones can now connect across the oceans for free and keep in touch via their internet enabled devices. Businesses reap even greater benefits from the use of Voice over internet protocol solution technology as a way of keeping overhead costs to a minimum whilst maintaining a reliable and functional service. Some CEO’S have specifically redesigned their company’s operational strategies to incorporate Voice over internet protocol solution systems, which in turn have helped to reduce office space, excess personnel and as mentioned, driven down overheads. Not all Voice over internet protocol solution implementation has been a success though with dropped calls and unclear transmission causing headaches for private consumers and businesses alike.

When your Voice over internet protocol solution system shows problems with quality, firstly, what you must not do is to start altering settings and tampering with equipment without a plan. Problems with voice quality can be caused by numerous sources, including your ISP

The digitized speech that is carried by Voice over internet protocol solution systems travel in protocols call packets. For packets to pass from one point in the internet to another they must pass through a series of routers or hops, almost like gateways. Each router is limited to how much data it can pass on, known as the throughput and it is this throughput that is determined by the physical bandwidth, any errors and your system’s CPU. If errors occur then the throughput is lowered because packets must be retransmitted, if more packets try to pass out than the throughput can allow it then queues and latency can occur. If in turn these queues become full then packets can be dropped, losing your call.


The best option is to download a free packet test and delay test tool. If your voice problems are sporadic then allow the test tool to monitor your Voice over internet protocol solution service for several days. If the tool reports a problem between your ISP and an ISP immediately before that or the packet loss or latency occurs at an intermediate hop with your ISP then you should contact globex telecom voip provider. If the problem occurs on your ISP with minimal loss on the previous one then it is more likely there is a problem with your site.

If this is the case a better way to determine the problem is to disconnect everything from your modem/router and run the test tool again. If the report indicates the same level of disruption then the problem is with the modem/router itself, or one of the connecting cables. If the report shows that the level has improved then the problem probably lies within your network, which may be flooding the internet with data, caused either by a virus or badly managed traffic. Eliminate the virus to restore normal voice quality or otherwise implement a traffic management scheme to prioritise voice traffic.